i can’t help but think…

i try so hard to move on.. think about other people.. be with other people.. but it all makes me just think of you and how much i feel for you. i know you care about me too.. it’s just something you know without any reason. i miss you. and i want “us” back. I know you can be a real asshole. you have admitted that to me but you also said you are sorry and that no matter what happens, you will always care about me. i just wish things were different.

you said move on.. where do i go?

~when i’m with him, i am thinking of you. you were the one who spending the night, i wish that i was looking into your eyes ~

i told myself i wouldn’t do this. i am just sad. even though i don’t feel anything. i think i’m really numb now. i went back to you when everyone around me told me not to. you pulled me in and made me feel safe. now i just feel empty. but you know what, i don’t need you. i’m not one of those depressing girls who needs a man to be happy. fuck that. i am going to be happy and if you don’t want anything more then friendship, then i guess i will say “have a good life” because we both know that means that we will just go back to ignoring each other at social events. well here’s to meeting new people.